Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Developing a website for the project is high on my list of priorities. Right now I'm working on a longish essay about what the world would be like after a successful Global Satyagraha – what we would do if we had a more democratic and effective United Nations. My plan is to use this vision to secure some start-up funding, which in turn I would use to develop a website.

In the meantime, I have been posting some stuff on my blog at I am finding the chronological order of blogging very unsatisfactory, but if you can wade through the disjointed pieces, you might find something of interest. Included on the blog are some of the updates I've sent out on the project, the raw and unedited text from the journals of my 1987 and 1989 walk from Clearwater to Toronto, and an essay about the philosophy (which I call Survivology) that I am basing my efforts on. Of particular interest might be the connection I see between village democracy and village communism, and how that relates to the global village.

Since my Feb. 13 update I have received one email from a recipient, asking to be kept on the list, although she is too busy at present to be more involved. One other recipient recently asked for another update, plus I received your email, Serge. I notice that one recipient has signed the petition at . Thanks, Scott.

I've run across another reference to the use of carts at religious festivals. Apparently the Japanese haul wheeled shrines called horen through the streets for some Shinto festivals.


Anonymous said...

Hi Keith: Interesting read. Are you still with the paper? I just got back from the oil patch and am about to head off for the mountains and missed your face, name and insight in the local paper. Got wind of this through a vanity google and saw my name mentioned in one of your dispatches on your walk across Canada. Was thinking I'd like to take my mule (Gallagher)and do the same - I'd call it MACE - Mule Across Canada Eh? - but everytime a person goes to do a cool adventure it gets hijacked by having to do something good for the planet. Oh well. Drop me a line if you're around. Frank

Keith McNeill said...

Hi Frank,
I've been off work since the last week of December due to a herniated disk in my neck. Last week I started back part-time (10 hours/wk) on a graduated return-to-work.
A mule sounds like an interesting way to do it, though you'd have to protect the animal's hooves from the pavement.